Sometimes a simple flyer can result in safer behavior. Here are a few tips to remember when using these flyers:

  • Print in color for maximum impact
  • Post in a public place such as the breakroom
  • Don't forget you can share the flyers electronically via email and social media!

Why Ladder Safety and How it Affects Everyone

  • Download this quick reference sheet for a by-the-numbers look at the importance of ladder safety. 

Ladder Safety at Work

  • Do you know how much ladder accidents are costing you?

Ladder Safety at Home

  • Wondering home common ladder accidents really are? The numbers might surprise you! 

Ladder Inspection and Disposal

  • A few quick reminders to make sure you're taking the proper steps for ladder inspection and disposal.

Ladder Safety Moment

  • Through our partnership with Boy Scouts of America, this flyer provides a great overview of proper ladder safety.

Why Ladder Safety Training Should Be Mandatory For Your Employees

  • Want to know the most common ladder risks and how to avoid them? Check out this article from Chimney Sweep News to help prevent accidents on the job.