"Thank you for making the City of Greenville ambassadors for this wonderful program. Here at the City of Greenville we will be posting ALI’s ladder safety information, a podcast, a power point story narration about ladder events and other ladder safety information on the city’s internal website, COGNET.  The city will also be assigning the ALI Ladder Safety training to each departments employees with city e-mail by using the Trainers Tool.  Several employees who have participated in previous years are now receiving notices generated from ALI for the training and the city has been receiving completion reports already for those who have successfully completed a module. The labor force is not the only group that the training is sent to - all of the administrative departments are sent at least one module to complete and if they wish to complete additional modules that’s great too.  Some employees have communicated that they appreciate the training and the modules are user friendly and provide them with a wealth of knowledge about ladders they never considered before. The training has been a valuable resource and those that participate let the City of Greenville know when they see someone using a ladder incorrectly and pass the information on to the use." - Joyce Peterson, Safety Specialist - Human Resources, City of Greenville

National Ladder Safety Month Participation Map

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